Calories count to Lose Weight

Calories count to Lose Weight

Do i have to reduce calories to lose weight ?

Some doctors will tell you” Yes”,  count the calories for losing weight.

If we follow mainstream tv and fitness magazines , will see that is  all about calories to reduce weight.

Often times,  people  make mistakes when it comes to calorie counting, because they  drastically reduce the calories  for weight los.
As long as your caloric intake is less than what you burn each day, you will lose weight. That is really all there is to it.

Every person burns a different amount of calories because of their activities and their genes. People with higher metabolisms burn calories faster, so they can eat more each day and still lose weight. People who have jobs that require a lot of physical activity also burn calories more effectively, so they can eat more and not gain weight either.

To calculate how many calories your body burns on a daily basis, there is a  formula known as the Harris-Benedict formula. This formula is using data about your age, sex, your weight, and the level of activities you are doing each day. This formula can determine the amount of calories you burn on an average day. This number is  your Basal Metabolic Rate and is the most important thing for you to know when trying to lose fat using a diet based on calorie counting.

Of all of the calorie calculators online, the best  is one provided at

A healthy calorie reduction should allow for 250 to 500 calories to be cut off each day. For example your normal calorie intake is supposed to be 2750, you can lower that amount to 2500 or 2250 for the best results. You shouldn’t cut your calories intake below 1200 per day, even if your daily calorie needs are very low.

Reduce calories by only a small amount

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reduce calories to lose weight


 The Problem with Counting Calories to Lose Weight

Dr. Cate Shanahan points out in her book Deep Nutrition, weight gain or weight loss isn’t as much about energy as it is about information. When we eat food, it is providing our bodies with more than simply just energy. The food we eat sends powerful messages to our cells that can influence the very function of that cell! The simple point here is that it’s not only important how much we eat, but what kind of things we’re eating and what those foods are communicating to our cells!


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