Green Detox Smoothie-Boost Energy

Green Detox Smoothie-Boost Energy


Lose fat fast with a Green Detox healthy Smoothie

 This is refreshing and delicious, combining nutrients and rich ingredients. This Green Detox Smoothie helps lose fat  fast by cleaning toxins from your body and boosts energy levels.


½ lemon
one  cucumber
one stick of celery
one cup of kale (if you don’t like kale, you can use lettuce leaves)
one cup of broccoli
one tablespoon mint herb
one tablespoon parsley herb
two cups of filtered water
3-4 ice-cubes (optional)


Green Detox Smoothie

Wash all the ingredients with water
Core, take away seeds and take away the skin from the apple and lemon
Leave the skin on the  cucumber
Cut the fruit and vegetables  to fit into your blender
Place all the ingredients in  , secure the lid, then  mix well
Put ice-cubes in a tall glass, and stir to combine all the flavors
Add a mint leaf  (optional)

Try it today  and you will see the results!


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