My Top 5 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

the Warrior Pose

Here are my top 5 yoga poses for weight loss and healthy living.

Standing Asana or Standing Side Stretch Pose,

Standing Side Stretch PoseStay straight, keep the hands beside the body facing towards the floor.
Raise your hands up to stretch, then lower the hands down.
Raise the left hand up and stretch it towards the right side over your head, tilting the face in the same direction as your hand.
Repeat the pose on the other side and relax.

Back Asana or Uttanpadasana Pose,

Uttanpadasana PoseLie down on your back on the floor,lifting up your buttocks slightly and slide your hands under with the palms facing down.
Slowly raise your legs in the upward direction, hold the legs in a 30 degree angle and stay still for 5 counts.
Move the legs in a 60 degree angle and hold again counting till 5 .
Now raise the legs in a 90 degree angle, remain steady and relax.

This pose can be done with both legs at the same time ,or one leg and after the other leg.

Virbhadrasana or the Warrior Pose

the Warrior PoseStand straight with your feet about 4-5 inches apart from each other.
Turn your right leg in the right direction and accordingly, turn your left leg in the same direction.
Raise your hands up and stretch.
Join your palms in prayer position, fingers pointing towards the sealing.
Look upwards and relax.

Padahastasana or the ,Forward Bending Pose

Forward Bending PoseStand straight, with your arms beside the body, fingers pointing down.
Raise the arms up and stretch, then bend slightly your back.
Bend from the waist down pushing back the hips slightly.
Touch your toes with your fingers.Go back to the standing position and relax.

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

the Warrior PoseLie down on your abdomen and completely relax your body .
Now, fold your legs at 90 degrees and stretch your hands backward,holding both your ankles with your hands.
As you breathe out, extend your legs upwards stretching your back, hands, legs and stomach muscles.
Raise and slowly balance your body on your lower abdomen.

Benefits Of Yoga For Weight Loss

Helps with the abdominal fat reduction.
Relax and calm the mind, body and soul.
Act as a good fitness and workout routine.
Enhances the body posture and improves also the balance.

Asanas described here should be practiced strictly under the guidance of Yoga teacher or under the supervision of yoga expert only.

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