Work Out With A Personal Trainer


Working out with a personal trainer helps you get the most  of your exercise sessions.

What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a person who is available to anyone who contracts its services to achieve the goal of improving their fitness. A personal trainer will work individually with the client, accompanying him in the exercise sessions.

Who is indicated to have a Personal Training?

Having a personal training it is highly recommended for users who have little knowledge  in the world of sport. Also the skilled ones who want  to increase their fitness performance.

Currently in most sports centers in the world have  a Personal Trainer service. Ideally, personal trainers are graduates in Sports Science with specific title (issued by the NSCA). This is very important as there are many issues to consider in a personal training: physical, physiological, neuromotor, etc.

What customers demand a Personal Trainer?

There are currently a variety of customers who demand a personal training, and their main demands are  for improving the fitness routine, weight loss (majority), increasing  physical performance (increase strength, endurance or speed,  etc.). Other customers demand specialized coaches in some sports or activities such as pilates, yoga, cicloindoor or TRX.

Benefits of having a Personal Trainer

The coach can design those best suited  exercises for the client, based on his goals , physical condition, etc.
Get faster results,greater personal motivation, due to the exclusive dedication with the client,better assimilation of the exercises, by indicating  when to rest.
With the trainer, exercises are varied and fun, so there will be more motivation and creativity.
Help  you with your self-improvement and discipline.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a personal trainer


It is a very rewarding profession because you help the client improve their health, fitness, prevent injuries, etc.
If you work on your own you establish the fee to the customer and the limits with which you will work and what type of customer you want to train.
Since we live in a society where the cult of the body is very important for many reasons , more and more people seek personal trainers.


Some personal trainers employ most of the time training others and have little time for their own training.
There is increasing competition and much labor intrusion. Any people without knowledge or specific studies may be called “personal trainer” can harm their clients for lack of training.

Get your ISSA Personal Trainer Certifications

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